The Guys in the Story are for real

Mr.Socks (Paul Fessock),
a motivational educator—who with his puppet pal, Heavy Metal Harry, and special guests—informs and inspires children in a high-quality children’s program entitled Mr. Socks’ World of Rock. Together this group of characters offers a fast-paced musical environment that promotes a fun and entertaining educational experience for the entire family. 

The show includes music theory, talent interviews and showcases, comedy sketches, arts & crafts, music lessons, and community Q & A sessions to convey the developmental wonders of music in an easy-to-learn, nurturing way.

Johnny One Lipp (John Lind) loves to do jigsaw puzzles.  He once completed an 18,000 piece puzzle along with his Dad.  He loves to play golf and has traveled all around the country playing his favorite sport!  He graduated from Rutgers University in New Jersey. He is now a Technology Manager for a large financial firm.

The two childhood friends are living out their dreams and correspond regularly with a life-long commitment to nurturing each other’s unique personalities.

You can find Mr. Socks' World of Rock on his YOUTUBE channel